Window Locks Repair Mississauga, ON.

Window Locks Repair Mississauga, ON.

Tighten your security today by fixing and reinforcing your window locks for added protection of lives and property, hire the locksmiths in Mississauga Ontario Today!

  • With spoilt widow locks, your home is just as vulnerable as when you do not lock your doors.
  • Although ignored by a vast majority, most robberies see the mugger or petty thief coming in through unlocked windows.
  • Save your home today by hiring the best window locksmiths in Mississauga Ontario, Window and Locks Repair Mississauga ON...
  • And enjoy smart locks fix, customized locks for added security, locks replacement, etc. at highly affordable charges and quick work time.

About Us

Window and Glass Repair Mississauga ON is a certified window and glass repair company in Mississauga Ontario, Canada that has been registered over three years ago. At Window and Glass Repair Mississauga ON, we provide window and glass services ranging from installation to even basic fix and in between, replacement and repair for residential homes, public or private centers, and even corporate buildings.

We are a beloved of many because we are of the people; a locally oriented window and Glass repair company with the people in mind. We have employed the citizens of Mississauga and also served over two hundred and thirty households in their window installation, repair, or even replacement.

We at Window and Glass Repair Mississauga ON are particular about security and getting it right every step of the way. We look forward to a safe Mississauga even after the doors are locked and this includes safe windows we and the users can trust. As such, we are committed to procuring flaws window installations, one-time stellar replacements or repair, and even more diligent window fix.

Our Services

Our Best Services

Our window services which extend to window locks services are as follows;

We offer installation of various window locks; wooden locks, metal window locks, cranks, and even UPVC window locks for homes, public centers, and offices.

We offer replacement of various window locks; locks like the common latch, key lock, lag screws swivel action locks too, etc.

We offer lock repair and customization for clients who would like extra security; often business places, warehouses, and offices

We also offer to consult for clients on which kinds of lock to choose from;

  • Grade one locks which are the most secure for residential locks.
  • Grade two locks which are highly common.
  • Grade three locks are very cheap but not very security efficient.


Our group of handymen determines if the locks can be fixed or they would require a repair.


Having assessed the damage levels, we draft a quotation and deliver it to the clients.


Upon an agreement, we purchase all needed materials to fix the locks, be it cranks or hinge lock, customized or automated window locks.


ere are also options for Homeowners to change the original lock to another brand rather than simply replacing them with the same brand.


Our team of handymen is then deployed to the client's issue and they are to fix all damages within a stipulated time


We offer a warranty; this implies that all services are not to develop faults until a stipulated time, if they do, we are mandated to fix them free of charge.

What makes us different?

At Window and Glass Repair Mississauga, we have set ourselves apart and ahead of the competition by;

We are certified to operate and serve the people of Mississauga in their window repair concerns.


Looking for window repairs that deliver same day services, we are your go-to guy.

Flawless quality

At Window and Glass Mississauga, we do not proffer decent repairs to your windows, instead, we proffer window repairs of impeccable quality.

Affordable rates

Our charges are highly affordable and payment plans are flexible.


We provide a warranty for all services.


We have a wealth of experience from working with over 200 clients in Mississauga.

Be security conscious and improve your home security by booking yourself a session with our experts and handymen at Window and Glass Repair Mississauga. Call us at (Insert Company’s number) today!