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About Us.

Window and Glass Repair Mississauga ON

Window and Glass Repair Mississauga ON is a certified window and glass repair company in Mississauga Ontario, Canada that has been registered over three years ago.
At Window and Glass Repair Mississauga ON, we provide window and glass services ranging from installation to even basic fix and in between, replacement and repair for residential homes, public or private centers, and even corporate buildings.
We are a beloved of many because we are of the people; a locally oriented window and Glass repair company with the people in mind.
We have provided employment to the citizens of Mississauga and also served over two hundred and thirty households in their window installation, repair, or even replacement.
We at Window and Glass Repair Mississauga ON are particular about security and getting it right every step of the way.
We look forward to a safe Mississauga even after the doors are locked and this includes safe windows we and the users can trust.
As such, we are committed to procuring flawless window installations, one-time stellar replacements or repair, and even more diligent window fix.

Our Services.

Our Window Glass Services include the following;

  • Installation; we install all types of window glass there is for both residential and nonresidential buildings.
  • Repair; we repair broken window glass, chipped window glass, cracked window glass. We also repair all sorts of window glass; vinyl, acrylic, regular, etc.
  • Replacement; we replace window glass that is way beyond repair
  • Customization; for added security, we help clients customize thicker glass for their windows.
  • We also offer window glass services for all brands of cars.

Window and Glass Repair Mississauga’s mode of service operations include;

Damage assessment

We assess the level of glass damage before embarking on any other thing. No level of glass damage is the same. Be it a baseball through the wall, a crack, or a chip and determine if the glass can be fixed. If the damage is beyond repair, we may suggest a replacement. As a part of our business ethics, we also assess the overall condition of the window. We check for rusted hinges, rotten window frames that may reduce our work quality and then alert the client.


We draft a quotation and deliver it to the client. We await approval or an agreement and then we begin work immediately. We are also open to working within the budget of the client.We send you a quotation for the service we are to render and if there are any objections from our clients, we have the quotations reviewed to fit into the client’s budget and demands.


We deploy a team of a handyman to your home to repair or replace the damaged glass. Our handymen who have been trained in customer relations are of a company set standard of professionalism and you will have no issue relating with them. We offer a warranty on all of our services rendered. If any of the services fall below the expected before the delivery date, we are mandated to offer a free fix unless of course, the damage was acted upon by external factors.

Why Us?

You should choose us because we,

Affordable rates

Our charges are highly affordable and payment plans are flexible.


We are certified to operate and serve the people of Mississauga in their window repair concerns

Flawless quality

We do not proffer decent repairs to your window glass, instead, we proffer window glass repairs of impeccable quality.


We provide a warranty for all services rendered.


Looking for window repairs that deliver same day services, we are your go-to company.


We have a wealth of experience from working with over 200 clients in Mississauga over the past three years.

Best in Business

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