Window Caulking and Sealing

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Window Caulking and Sealing Mississauga ON.

Opt for Window caulking and sealing today to prevent energy (air condition, heat) seeping out and incurring more costs on your energy bill month after month.

Not only do drafty windows incur a lot of energy costs each month, but they could also be an avenue for insects to flood your home and a way to expose your home to rain and the elements.

Do not order new windows yet, although tempting, replacing a window could be expensive, and then what happens if the new windows begin to leak as well? Drop the credit card and hold on tight to your cash. Opt for a cheaper, faster, and still effective solution to your leaky or drafty windows today by;

  • Place a call to us.
  • Explain the problem and approve our work.
  • We fix your window.
  • Watch the energy bill come crashing down.

About Us.

Window and Glass Repair Mississauga ON

Window and Glass Repair Mississauga ON is a certified window and glass repair company in Mississauga Ontario, Canada that has been registered over three years ago.
At Window and Glass Repair Mississauga ON, we provide window and glass services ranging from installation to even basic fix and in between, replacement and repair for residential homes, public or private centers, and even corporate buildings.
We are a beloved of many because we are of the people; a locally oriented window and Glass repair company with the people in mind.
We have provided employment to the citizens of Mississauga and also served over two hundred and thirty households in their window installation, repair, or even replacement.
We at Window and Glass Repair Mississauga ON are particular about security and getting it right every step of the way.
We look forward to a safe Mississauga even after the doors are locked and this includes safe windows we and the users can trust.
As such, we are committed to procuring flawless window installations, one-time stellar replacements or repair, and even more diligent window fix.

Our Services

Mode of Operations

We respond to your call by;

Consultation; If need be, we enlighten our pending clients on the need to caulk and seal their windows and not replace them entirely;

  • Fixing leaky windows prevents further damage like rust and corroding. It also prevents internal damage from the rain on furniture or rug or walls.
  • It is so much more financially continent than replacing the windows and it is also quite cheap.
  • It helps maintain the structure of your window by preventing shrinkage or frame collapsing.

Upon receiving your call, we send a team of handymen to assess the damage and discover where the air leaks are.

We draft a quotation for our clients, send it to them and wait for the agreement or approval of the client.

The team of deployed handymen begins to fill out the leaks with our tools/ We caulk the leaks with waterproof sealing agents and ensure the windows are airtight.

We offer same-day service deliveries and emergency fixes too.

We check for any other window damage the client may have missed in the description and advise them accordingly.

We offer a warranty for all jobs done. If any of our services develop issues before the due date, we are obliged to fix the damage free of charge. However, this doesn’t hold if the damage was caused by external forces.

Why Choose Us.

At Window and Glass Repair Mississauga, we have set ourselves ahead of the competition by;

  • Licensed; we are certified to operate and serve the people of Mississauga in their window repair concerns.
  • Speed; looking for window repairs that deliver same day services, we are your go-to company.
  • Flawless quality; at Window and Glass Mississauga, we do not proffer decent repairs to your window glass, instead, we proffer window glass repairs of impeccable quality.
  • Affordable rates; our charges are highly affordable and payment plans are flexible. .
  • Warranty; we provide a warranty for all services rendered.
  • Experience; we have a wealth of experience from working with over 200 clients in Mississauga over the past three years.