Window Aluminum Capping Mississauga ON

Ensure your windows last longer by taking charge of the situation today, coat your wooden or vinyl windows in aluminum today by professionals. Call us now.

Either during construction, remodeling or simply looking for sturdier windows, Window aluminum Capping provides just the solution you seek. Not only does it make for better, durable, and sturdier windows, they also provide the home with aesthetic and increase resale value.

Don’t be left out, Employ the services of Window and Glass Repair Mississauga today for your professional window capping at unbeatable prices and outstanding quality in three steps;

Our Mode of Operations include.

Mode of Operations

We respond to your call by;


We offer consultation services to clients who do not have enough information or clients that are skeptical about aluminum capping.


Aluminum capping prevents the elements from causing damage to the main window frame, systematically preventing rottenness.

Financially convenient

Aluminum capping is highly financially convenient as it is improving on materials already in place rather than replacing them entirely.


Aluminum capping helps windows last longer by increasing the strength of the window frames and hinges.


Aluminum capping beautifies the home. It is usually neater and more eye-catching than regular wooden frames.


As soon as we get your call, we deploy a team to assess the window frames to be capped with aluminum.


We send a quotation to the client and wait for our client’s approval. We are also open to working within the budget of the client.


We offer a warranty for our services rendered and our handymen check in to monitor the aluminum capping for up to a working week.

Why Choose Us?

  • Certified; we are certified to operate and serve the people of Mississauga in their window repair concerns
  • Timely delivery; looking for window repairs that deliver same day services, we are your go-to company.
  • Impeccable services; at Window and Glass Mississauga, we do not proffer decent repairs to your window glass, instead we proffer window glass repairs of impeccable quality.
  • Cheap; our charges are highly affordable and payment plans are flexible.
  • Warranty; we provide a warranty for all services rendered.
  • Expertise; we have a wealth of experience from working with over 200 clients in Mississauga over the past three years.